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Challenges of Digitizing History (An open book): James Nye

Tenured at the University of Chicago, James Nye is the bibliographer for Southern Asia at the university and the Director of the Digital South Asia Library (DSAL), a programme of the University of Chicago Library. His engagement with this region dates back to his student days and he has been involved in several archival projects, including the microfilming of thousands of publications listed in the National Bibliography Of Indian Literature.
August 5, 2016


India is a bright spot, should make labour market more flexible: Nobel Laureate Lars Peter Hansen

Monetary policy alone cannot be expected to cure economic ailments, said University of Chicago economics professor Lars Peter Hansen, one of the three recipients of the Nobel Prize in 2013, and an expert on linkages between financial markets and the broader macroeconomy. In an interview with Nishanth Vasudevan, Hansen, who was in Mumbai on Monday for an ISB event, said there is some evidence of India being a bright spot globally.
July 27, 2016


Poetics and Politics of the Sanskrit Language: Gary Tubb

With Sanskrit making news for right and wrong reasons, it is time to put things in perspective and who better than leading Sanskrit scholar Professor Gary Tubb, the Faculty Director of University of Chicago Center New Delhi to engage in a discussion.
May 31, 2016


History in India has been driven by Identity: Dipesh Chakrabarty

Noted subalternist Dipesh Chakrabarty’s recent book The Calling of History examines Sarkar’s career and uses that to understand and discuss the history of Indian history, as it were. Chakrabarty teaches history at the University of Chicago, and is the recipient of the 2014 Toynbee Prize that recognizes social scientists for significant academic and public contributions to humanity.
April 21, 2016


Director of Ci3 at the Univ of Chicago, Gilliam’s team work on the Kissa Kahani project

Director of Ci3 at the Univ of Chicago, Gilliam’s team is working on the Kissa Kahani project, which seeks to understand youth through gender and social norms.
March 14, 2016