XIX International Conference- Materialities-Objects, Matters, Things

Through December 21, 2016
Doon University, Dehradun

Dec. 18

Jointly Organized by The Forum on Contemporary Theory, Baroda (A Member of the Consortium of the Humanities Centers and Institutes) & Department of English Doon University, Dehradun. The nineteenth international conference of the Forum on Contemporary Theory was held in collaboration with the Department of English, Doon University, Dehradun from the 18th to the
21st of December 2016 at Doon University. The theme of the Conference was: “Materialities: Objects, Matter, Things.” Convener of conference was Bill Brown, Karla Scherer Distinguished Professor in American Culture, English Language and Literature, Visual Arts, and Deputy Provost for the Arts, University of Chicago. 

Bill Brown is also  Director,  The  Object Cultures Project, Chicago Center for Contemporary Theory and Co-editor, Critical Inquiry. He is currently working on the intersection of literary, visual and material cultures, an inquiry that asks how inanimate objects enable human subjects (individually and collectively) to form and transform themselves. His major theoretical work is in "thing theory," which borrows from Heidegger's object/thing distinction to look the role of objects that have become manifest in a way that sets them apart from the world in which they exist. He edited a special issue of Critical Inquiry on this subject, which won the CELJ award for Best Special Issue of an academic journal in 2002. His books include Other Things (University of Chicago Press, 2015); A Sense of Things: The Object Matter of American Literature (University of Chicago Press, 2003) and The Material Unconscious: American Amusement, Stephen Crane, and the Economies of Play
(Harvard University Press, 1996).