Workshop on Disentangling Disability and Human Rights

Time TBA
UChicago Center in Delhi

Feb. 15

This is a workshop and conference that sets out to challenge the assumption that disability in India should be understood and responded to as a rights-based category. As a (post) development state with transnational political and economic ties, India provides an ideal location to explore how global discourses are taken up, adapted, or rejected as disabled people seek to create worlds for themselves.

Participants in the workshop and symposium are a mix of junior and senior scholars and independent researchers who will attend to disability discourses and objects in urban and rural sites across India to explore how international bodies, non-governmental organizations, activist groups and local disabled people conceive of disability. Participants will collectively analyze local discourses around entitlements and quotas—vestiges of India’s welfare state—to provide usable insights to policy makers and international funding bodies.

UChicago faculty member Michele Friedner, Assistant Professor, Department of Comparative Human Development is the key organizer and host of this workshop and conference along with Dr. James Staples from the Brunel University. Other participants include disability studies scholars and activists from around India.

The event is by invitation only.