What can data do for you: the future of learning outcomes in the Indian education system

Time TBA
UChicago Center in Delhi


Ten years ago, two Indian states ranked 72nd out of 73 countries in the 2009-10 PISA large scale assessment, coming out ahead only of Kyrgyzstan. Since then, much has changed in the discourse of data and assessments in education. Now, after a decade, policy conversations have shifted focus to a consensus on the importance of "learning outcomes." 

This is a critical starting point for effective reform, but many open questions remain. How do we quantify student development beyond traditional academic performance, like creativity or social-emotional development? How do we prioritize among all the types of learning outcomes that a child can develop? Assuming policymakers and practitioners have access to the right data, how can we make sure that the right data will ultimately result in impact? This event, hosted by Gray Matters India, an educational assessments social enterprise and the International Innovation Corps will bring together education stakeholders, both research experts and practitioners, to explore these questions collaboratively.

This event is by invitation only.