Visual Studies Workshop

All day
Through March 21, 2020

Mar. 20

We live in a world saturated with images. However, the idea of saturation presupposes certain limits upon our capacity to archive, analyse and discipline data. In pedagogical terms, what are the implications of this opposition between the idea of excess that saturation implies and the notion of order ingrained in archiving?

Art historians, media scholars, archivists, and book historians will participate in this two-day event, and address some of the following questions: How do we approach, analyse, archive different kinds of visual material – manuscripts, paintings, photographs, graffiti, the moving image?  How has digitization transformed our understanding of the visual? How do we balance our respective disciplinary protocols with the requirements of working with visual archives? What are the fundamental conceptual issues around which a visually oriented pedagogy may be organized? What are the methods and concepts germane to a transdisciplinary interest in the visual as artefact and as experience? 

Conceptualised and organised by Rochona Majumdar (Department of South Asian Languages and Civilizations, University of Chicago) and Smita Gandotra (Department of English, St. Stephen’s College) this event will feature panel discussions and lectures by leading scholars in the field of Cinema Studies, Media Studies, Art History and Book History.