Urban Form and Public Health

10:00 am–6:00 pm
UChicago Center in Delhi


The University of Chicago Center in Delhi will host this one-day workshop to explore the interrelated issues of urban form and public health. This workshop will bring together researchers and practitioners with expertise in urban planning, transportation safety, architecture, urban transportation, behavioral economics, biostatistics, and epidemiology focused on applications of these technologies to the areas of energy, environment and public health.

The workshop will be in the form of three 90-minute sessions, broadly looking at: Telematics and Road Safety, Urban Transportation Policy in India, and Urban Form. This is a closed workshop designed to build new cross-disciplinary partnership between scholars at Shiv Nadar University (SNU) and the University of Chicago (UC), and scholar practitioners in both public and private sectors in India.

This workshop grows out of ongoing research being conducted by scholars from SNU and UC in using crowd-sourced data coupled with primary data from low-cost sensors for transportation planning, mitigating the urban heat-island effect, and reducing transportation barriers for ill patients, among others.

The workshop will be followed by a public lecture at 5:30 pm by an expert on urban planning in India.

The event is by invitation only.