Undergraduate Study Abroad Program in India, Autumn 2017

Time TBA
UChicago Center in Delhi

Nov. 13

The South Asian Civilizations in Pune program is a civilization-based program designed to provide students with the unique opportunity to examine the history, culture, and society of the South Asian subcontinent in a major Indian city.

At the center of this intensive, ten-week program is a three-course sequence taught in English by University of Chicago faculty. The first course focuses on the role of religion and mythology in South Asia, while the second engages modern social and political topics. The third course, beginning in Autumn 2017, will be hosted by the University of Chicago’s Center in Delhi. As the political and economic capital of the country, students will have the opportunity to pursue coursework that engages both Delhi’s dynamic contemporary society and its ancient past. In addition to the civilizations course sequence, students also take a fourth course in Hindi language, designed to facilitate access to the local culture.

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