The role of parks and sanctuaries in protecting India’s biodiversity

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Rain Forest Research Institute, Assam

Jan. 20

University of Chicago Faculty Member Trevor Price will be organizing and participating in meeting at the Rain Forest Research Institute in Jorhat, Assam. This meeting is a follow up to the one held in May 2016, entitled “The role of parks and sanctuaries in protecting India's biodiversity’.  The general thrust of that meeting was that reserves in India have worked and worked well, but they need to be further protected, preferably in an economically viable way.
The current meeting in Jorhat brings bring some of the past participants together with additional invitees, to consider where next, both in general in terms of a position paper, and more specifically with respect to a case study. It is being held in Assam because that is a biodiversity hotspot, and focus is specifically on Hollongapur Gibbon Sanctuary as the case study.  The meeting consists of 20 participants, including two recent University of Chicago undergraduates and (from India) forest managers, professors, graduate students, and representative of conservation focused NGOs.