The Ring’ of ’ Truth

5:00–8:00 pm
UChicago Center in Delhi


Rings are powerful – we know this from the fairy tales, folk tales, and myths. But what exactly does their power stem from, and who has power over whom? Unfortunately or as usual, the ring seems to be another tool of patriarchy, allowing men ownership over women and keeping women tied to their men...

This performative event uses storytelling, song, and a playful exploration of circular objects and symbols to delve into these stories and try to both uncover and set free the 'truth' behind the ring.

Irfana Majumdar

Irfana Majumdar is a director, performer, and filmmaker. Her main interest is ensemble-based devising and creation, physical and vocal training practices, collaborative creation, and solo performance. She studied theatre at the University of Chicago, and has also trained in Corporeal Mime, Suzuki and Viewpoints, Clowning, and many forms of body work. She has learnt classical Hindustani vocal music since childhood. She is the artistic director of the NIRMAN Theatre Studio, Varanasi.

Gaurav Saini

Gaurav Saini teaches, directs, acts, and makes films. He started his journey in theatre with Barry John, and has explored many forms and approaches to theatre, including highly physical and rigorous forms of training in traditional Indian dance, martial arts forms, and Western theatre. He is also a martial artist, with a Black-Belt in Thang-Ta, and training in Aikido, Kalarippayattu, Tai-Chi, and Judo. He is affiliated with NIRMAN, a non-profit organisation based in Varanasi.

This event is held in collaboration with American Center, American Institute of Indian Studies (AIIS), UChicago Alumni Association, UChicago Center in Delhi. 

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