Technology enhanced learning in Medical Education in India: The way forward

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Manipal University


The University of Chicago in collaboration with the University of Manipal hosted a round table discussion on topics ranging from the current scenario of  Medical Education in India to adapting a Technology enhanced learning environment. Dr. Scott Stern from the University of Chicago shared his experience of implementing a Technology enhanced learning environment for medical education. Dr Poornima Baliga, Dean of Kasturba Medical College, Manipal will chair this discussion

Dr. Scott Stern served as Assistant Dean of Technology and Innovation in Medical Education from 2010 – 2013 at the University of Chicago. He is a Professor of Medicine and  the Co-Course Director of the Clinical Pathophysiology and Therapeutics, one of the most highly regarded in the Pritzker curriculum. Dr. Stern served as Co-Director of the Junior Clerkship in Internal Medicine from 1995-2013 and continues to be actively involved in the clerkship.  Drawing upon his experiences as clerkship director, Dr. Stern served as the lead author of the textbook, Symptom to Diagnosis: An Evidence Based Guide (2006, 2010, 2014 McGraw-Hill), for which he received the Society of General Medicine National Award for Scholarship in Medical Education in 2006. Utilizing an innovative approach to help students and residents master diagnostic reasoning, each chapter addresses a common complaint or disorder, and begins with a case and an explanation of a way to organize the differential diagnosis. Dr. Stern's work on this project ultimately led to the creation of AgileMD, an interactive Web based service, which creates and supports interactive diagnostic algorithms. Currently Dr. Stern is Director of Diagnostic Reasoning and Case Development Team for I Human Patients. In this role, Dr. Stern has led a group of 12 U.S. authors and 14 Indian authors to develop 150 web based simulated patients utilizing interactive avatars to teach diagnostic reasoning.  He has won several awards and honors for his immense contribution to the field of medical education.