Slums Project Internal Book Writing Workshop

Time TBA
UChicago Center in Delhi

Jun. 24

The project on "Quality of Life in India's Slums" led by Professor Anup Malani and Professor Adam Chilton from the University of Chicago Law School in collaboration with Anita Patil-Deshmukh, the Executive Director of the Partners for Urban Knowledge Action and Research (“PUKAR”), an NGO based out of Mumbai have been conducting an ongoing research project since early 2017. 

The goal of this project is to understand several major questions about slums: why they emerge, how they are governed, what life is like in them, and how they can be improved. Currently, a team of researchers working in six cities across India have collected detailed qualitative data for a sample of 21 slums. Following the project's review conference on December 6-7, 2018, the researchers will conduct an internal writing workshop on the first major deliverable - a book summarising the research findings to date. The workshop will comprise of brainstorming sessions, field visits, and data analysis methods.

This workshop is only for the research team of the project.