Revitalising Yamuna - Alternate Imaginations

4:30–7:00 pm
UChicago Center in Delhi


This event held in collaboration with the Tata Centre for Development at UChicago and the Centre for Community Knowledge, Ambedkar University Delhi, will comprise a series of activities such as photo exhibition on people living along the Yamuna in Delhi, screening of a documentary on the communities, and a panel discussion—is aimed at understanding connections and disconnections between the river and the residents of the city, and how the Yamuna has changed over time – from its course to pollution load?

The panel discussion will bring a diversity of voices around the current state of the river. Experts from different disciplines as well as representatives of the riverine communities, who still remain engaged directly with the Yamuna in Delhi, will take forward a dialogue on the endangered river and discuss a range of initiatives needed to restore it.

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