Reimagining Teacher Training in India

9:30 am–4:30 pm
UChicago Center in Delhi


An analysis of teacher training policies in 25 countries reveals that teacher quality is the most important factor affecting student achievement among school-related factors. Adopting a systems-reform lens further cements this fact - certain education systems achieve substantially better outcomes than others by “getting more talented people to become teachers, developing these teachers into better instructors, and ensuring that these instructors deliver consistently for every child in the system.” Teacher capacity building thus becomes an important area of the education reform agenda that governments and private resources should target in a well thought-out manner. What would it take to prepare and motivate teachers to ensure that students learn and learn well every time when they are in the school? If technology is the way ahead, how is the government school system setting teachers up to successfully leverage it - before and during the job span?

This event is by invitation only.