Progressing with Partnerships: Shared Decision-Making Among Vulnerable Groups

Through September 17, 2019
UChicago Center in Delhi

Sep. 16

Medical Council of India’s Attitude, Ethics and Communication (AETCOM) Competencies for the Indian Medical Graduate in the new curriculum mentions Shared-Decision Making (SDM) as a core competency (competency 3, 12 and modules 1.3, 2.2, 2.5). It is also explicitly stated as a demonstratable behaviour among one of the five roles (Communicator) of an Indian Medical Graduate.

Despite the advancements made in the new curriculum, SDM among vulnerable populations, including persons with disabilities, LGBTQIA+ populations, those with chronic pain and in palliative care, those at the end of life, and racial/ethnic minorities are not explicitly stated. Understanding how gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, chronic pain, end of life care and race can simultaneously influence shared decision making is an important step in addressing health disparities among such vulnerable  populations.

To address the lacunae, an intensive two-day conference to discuss core constructs, challenges and strategies to improve SDM among these vulnerable population has been planned with experts and facilitators from Bucksbaum Institute for Clinical Excellence (University of Chicago), Medical Humanities Group, (UCMS, Delhi) and Manipal Academy of Higher Education. The goal is to identify the barriers and enablers to make SDM into a human rights imperative and a transformative practice. We seek to explore the sociocultural and illness contexts in which patients from these vulnerable groups and providers understand and experience shared decision-making.

This event is by invitation only.