Press Briefing: An economic strategy for India

8:30–9:30 am
UChicago Center in Delhi


A group of economists, both from India and abroad, and both from industry and academia, outlined an economic agenda for the country over the next five years. By setting out some of the key challenges as well as outlining proposals well before the coming elections, the intent was to spur debate and discussion.

The economists were Abhijit Banerjee, Pranjul Bhandari, Sajjid Chinoy, Maitreesh Ghatak, Gita Gopinath, Amartya Lahiri, Neelkanth Mishra, Prachi Mishra, Karthik Muralidharan, Rohini Pande, Eswar Prasad, E. Somanathan, and Raghuram Rajan.