Past Events

Professor Stephanopoulos will provide an overview of the 2020 election and how it will be carried out during the greatest health crisis in a generation. During this episode the audience will learn how the U.S. plans to execute the election and make democracy work in 2020.  

Want to learn more about Graduate Admissions at the University of Chicago? Join The Office of Graduate Admissions for an information session!

The Coase-Sandor Global Lecture Series

Through September 24, 2020
Online Webinars

Sep. 21

The Coase‑Sandor Institute for Law and Economics at the University of Chicago is hosting a series of advanced lectures in Law and Economics, featuring the cutting‑edge work of its faculty. The Fall 2020 Global Lectures Series will take place from September 10–24 and are open to all. 


The inaugural episode of Chicago Dialogues sheds fresh light on some of the lesser known contours in the work and genius of the auteur, Satyajit Ray. For instance, the film-makers who left a deep impact on him, the subtle political undertones in his films, the eternal present-ness of the Calcutta Trilogy, the selective use of leitmotifs, and the uniqueness of his music.

The Climate of History

8:30 pm
Live Webinar


The dual crisis of climate change and the pandemic nudge us to recalibrate the assumptions about the centrality of the human experience and fellow human hubris in the Age of the Anthropocene. Professor Dipesh Chakrabarty will flag urgent issues that confront the human species in a compelling conversation with Professor Navroz Dubash.

The Future of Higher Education

6:00 pm
Online webinar


In this webinar, Dr. Bala Srinivasan, Senior Advisor to the President at the University of Chicago, will discuss the impact of the pandemic on international academic partnerships, collaborations with emphasis on US-India educational ties.


To prepare the audience for “the most historic U.S. election in a generation”, Professor Howell will provide an overview of the US democratic system including what each political party stands for, how primaries work, the Electoral College versus the popular vote and its influence in deciding who becomes President of the United States. 


Explore the role of the corporation in environmental sustainability, corporate governance, and diversity in the workplace at the global virtual conference "Corporate Social Responsibility Revisited" hosted by Chicago Booth campus in Hong Kong.  

U.S. Presidential Election

Through October 29, 2020
Zoom Webinars

Sep. 10

Yuen Lecture Series: U.S. Presidential Election

Sep. 7

The International Innovation Corps will host a week long training session for its new cohort of IIC and YLT (Young Leaders in Tech Policy) Fellows

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