Meeting on Formation of a Strategic Partnership in Cancer Research between India and UChicago

All day
Through March 24, 2015
UChicago Center in Delhi

Mar. 23

This meeting initiated a conversation between cancer researchers at the University of Chicago and at various Indian institutions to identify and to catalyze strategic partnerships in cancer research and capacity-building. The emphasis was on pooling intellectual, infrastructural and tissue resources to understand the biology of cancer with an aim to translate and target pathways for prevention or containment of cancer progression and metastasis.

The topics discussed included: (a) genomic drivers of cancers of epidemiological importance and of common interest to US and Indian researchers, (b) impact of environmental and life-style transition in India on the landscape of cancer in India, (c) genetic, epigenetic and metabolic correlates of cancer, (d) tumor heterogeneity and evolution of cancer genomes, (e) cancer stem cells, (f) single cell analysis of cancer genomes, (g) integrative analysis in cancer biology, (h) immunological aspects of cancer progression, and (i) current treatment strategies.

The meeting ended with a written summary on strategic partnerships on cancer research and translation.