Kissa Kahani 2018 Workshop

Through May 17, 2018
UChicago Center in Delhi

May 10

Transmedia Story Lab (TSL) conducted a seven-day Kissa Kahani storytelling workshop for the Kissa Kahani Project. TSL worked with Indian youths to explore issues such as menstruation, family planning, and sexual reproductive health and wellness. TSL used qualitative research methods such as story circles and interviews to collect stories that emphasize the perspectives and experiences of millennial Indian youth. These stories informed and supported biomedical research about the socio-ecological factors that impact their health and wellness.

About Transmedia Story Lab:

The Transmedia Story Lab uses storytelling to elevate the voices of young people and their insights about the sexual and reproductive health and well-being of youth. We actively engage young people, researchers and scholars in the exploration and expansion of emerging narrative forms. In addition to painting illustrative stories about the lives of youth, TSL uses stories to generate data, hypotheses, and youth interpretations of information. Companied with original Ci3 research, we then share the stories and findings to demonstrate innovative research methodologies addressing public health and policy.