International Innovation Corps Annual Symposia

Through August 24, 2018
UChicago Center in Delhi

Aug. 22

The International Innovation Corps is hosting its annual symposia over three days, from August 22 until August 24, 2018.  The symposia comprises panel discussions, and keynote addresses on key themes in the area of international development and public policy. Speakers include key policymakers, researchers, and leaders from civil society. Topics include:

1. Building Institutions of Excellence in the Social Sector: Challenges in today's result-oriented funding space

Implementing solutions for today’s most challenging development problems requires strong institutions which can deliver crucial services in a consistent, efficient and sustainable manner. However, the interests and needs of funders and NGOs are often at odds, leading to unintended tensions.

The International Innovation Corps will engage in a panel discussion about how to ensure strong institutions through strategic philanthropy and to advocate for prioritization of organizational development.

2. Politics and Policy: Translating Ideas into Impact

Policies ought to be ambitious as they enable substantive development outcomes alongside political advancement. However, such ambitious policy announcements often fall short of their promised impact. Where are the barriers to success? There is a common understanding that state capacity across all levels of government is limited. But how do these capacity constraints manifest themselves, and to what extent are capacity gaps at fault when government policies fail? Additionally, how do we balance the often differing incentives of politicians and policy implementers?  

The event will seek to address these questions through two panels comprising experts from a range of sectors:

  • Building State Capacity for Implementation
  • The Politics of Policymaking

3. Balancing Access and Quality: Education and Health in India 

The Government of India has recently announced its ambitious goal of expanding access to healthcare through the National Health Protection Scheme. This promise to make healthcare available to more comes almost a decade after the Right to Education Act of 2009. What lessons can the health sector learn from the experiences of the education sector over the past ten years? Will the sector share the education sector’s fate – first increasing access, followed by intense scrutiny of and investment in quality? Is this tension between access and quality an inevitable one, or can it be addressed in the design of the policy? What role does the private sector play in rapidly scaling up quality? And finally, what roles do data and technology play in enabling the sector to expand access and quality simultaneously?

This event will put experts in health and education in conversation with each other through two panels:

  • Choices and Trade-offs: The debate of access v/s quality
  • Leveraging partnerships for scaling interventions

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