Images and Imaging in South Asia

All day
Through December 17, 2015
UChicago Center in Delhi

Dec. 16

Workshop on Collaboration and Communication Across the Disciplines and Among Digital Objects

The University’s new initiative on images and imaging is intended to address the increased expectations by scholars for integrated and open access to historical and contemporary image and imaging resources across all disciplines through preservation and mass digitization of resources not already being addressed through other South Asian and international projects.  We believe that a platform of data shared worldwide will improve the quality of scholarship and education.  We are also committed to expanding our collaborations in development of high-level skills required for preservation and maintenance of images and related resources.

This workshop explored three general areas, through roundtable discussions: rich descriptions of images, collections for collaborative digitization, and intersections of images with other digital objects.

The workshop grew from our collaboration with John and Susan Huntington and their Huntington Photographic Archive of Buddhist and Asian Art, a major resource for research and teaching.

Participants in the workshop included art historians, leaders of cultural heritage institutions, social historians, archeologists, computational scientists, archivists, and librarians.