Heterogeneity and Cancer

11:00 am
Bose Intitute, Kolkata
EN 80, Sector V, Bidhan Nagar, Kolkata - 700091


Cancer is the second leading cause of death but, unlike heart disease, it has been a difficult disease to effectively understand or treat. The reason relates to the complexity and heterogeneity of the disease. Most tumors have complicated origins and are driven by rare mutations. Furthermore, different tissues have distinct cancers, individual tissues have multiple cancer subtypes, and tumors are composed of cells that are both genetically and phenotypically diverse. Thus, every tumor is unique and dynamic. The cause of lethality in most solid tumors such as breast cancer is the metastatic dissemination of tumor cells throughout the body. Metastasis is characterized by many distinct properties that are driven by changing stresses in the tumor microenvironment.

We have identified regulators of metastasis that control multiple processes within the tumor cell microenvironment including metabolism and invasion. More recently, our studies have led us to potential therapeutic treatments based on the concept of reprogramming signaling networks in cells to sensitize tumors to therapeutic agents.

This talk is jointly organized by Indian Academy of Sciences, West Bengal Academy of Science & Technology, and Calcutta Consortium of Human Genetics.