Harper Lecture with David Meltzer on The Doctor-Patient Relationship and Health Care

5:00–7:30 pm
UChicago Center in Delhi (Nov. 16 event) & Four Seasons Hotel in Mumbai (Nov. 18 event)


Medicine has grown highly specialized, raising concerns that excess specialization might increase costs and problems in care coordination, and compromise relationships between doctors and patients. New research explores whether care improves when physicians rearrange their practices to allow them to treat patients both in clinics and in hospitals, reducing coordination problems between inpatient and outpatient care and leveraging the potential of the doctor-patient relationship.

About the Speaker

David Meltzer, LAB’82, AM’87, PhD’92, MD’93, is chief of the Section of Hospital Medicine, director of the Center for Health and the Social Sciences and the UChicago Urban Health Lab, and chair of the Committee on Clinical and Translational Science at the University of Chicago, where he is a professor in the Departments of Medicine and Economics and the University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy. Meltzer’s research explores problems in health economics and public policy with a focus on the theoretical foundations of medical cost-effectiveness analysis and the cost and quality of hospital care.