GAP Partner Meet

2:00–4:00 pm
UChicago Center in Delhi


GAP’s objective is to democratize the process of poverty alleviation through Changemakers. A Changemaker (CM) is an individual or an organisation who will impact a 1000 lives in his/her lifetime through a variety of ways. Our goal is to enable such Changemakers to accelerate their journey by removing a variety of obstacles that they face and also expand their visions and aspirations to grow.  So we imagine a world where we can accelerate the journeys of 1 Million CMs on our platform so that they can impact a cumulative of a billion people!

GAP has had an exciting two years and has brought together 250 Changemakers, 165 Partners, 30 Professional Coaches & 20 Mentors to support and galvanize the journeys and leadership of the Changemakers in India and around the globe. Through the GAP offerings of Leadership Coaching, Corporate Networks, Learning, Funding, Shared Services and others, Changemakers have benefitted from finding effective strategies for their organization’s growth, connected with relevant individuals that have taken their organization to new levels, leveraged the coaching to expand their leadership capabilities, and most importantly have increased their impact on the communities they serve.

Our goal in the next 5 years is to reach and galvanize 100,000 Changemakers at local levels where poverty exists in India and other parts of the world.  Our intention is to create a global platform (offline & online) where support & collaboration is democratized and our Partners and Changemakers can engage with each other and work collectively. We are supported by a grant from the Tata Trusts.