Fourth Pillar: India Journalism Week

Through December 18, 2018
UChicago Center in Delhi and India International Centre

Dec. 14

Academe India and a team of University of Chicago scholars have partnered to launch “Fourth Pillar: 1st India Journalism Week.” This event seeks to affirm the place of journalism as the fourth pillar of Indian democracy, and comes at a time of growing concerns over the rigor, inclusiveness, and independence of journalism – in India as also globally. Given India’s status as the world’s largest democracy, a rigorous, inclusive journalism summit or festival or Week in New Delhi (and subsequently at other locations in India) seemed to make eminent sense.

University of Chicago scholars involved with the event include William Mazzarella (Chair, Anthropology), Jason Grunebaum (Senior Lecturer, Hindi), Srikanth Reddy (Associate Professor, English and Creative Writing), Benjamin Waltzer (Klingensmith Program Director, UChicago Careers in Journalism, Arts, and Media), and Laura Letinsky (Professor, Visual Arts).

Academe India conceptualized the event and is its principal organizer, and Academe India personnel involved include Christophe Jaffrelot (Sciences Po, Senior Research Fellow), Zoya Hasan (Jawaharlal Nehru University, Professor Emeritus, Political Science), and Vaiju Naravane (Ashoka University, Head of Department, Journalism). Academe India was founded by UChicago doctoral student Abhimanyu Chandra (South Asian Languages and Civilizations). The organization seeks to help infuse academic rigor into the Indian public sphere, and to make the availing of academic research easier for the Indian public.

Through panels, workshops, master-classes, interviews, debates, lectures, readings, and more, Fourth Pillar seeks to offer a marquee event on and for journalism in India (and over time beyond). It can be thought of as representing some combination of a Jaipur Literature Festival or a Jashn-e-Rekhta Urdu festival for journalism, carrying the rigor of an academic conference.The event will seek to engage a large and diverse audience both in person as well as electronically — including journalists and scholars as well as college students, high school students, and the larger public.

One of India’s most distinguished journalists, Dr. Hamid Ansari (Former Vice President), will be serving as a keynote speaker at this event.

More information on the event will be forthcoming. To visit Academe India, please go to