Expert Panel- Careers in Tech Policy

6:00 pm
Online Webinar


Technology has fundamentally reshaped how we interact with governments, businesses, and each other. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain have evolved from buzzwords to everyday realities. Our lives have improved dramatically, and tech has enabled us to reach and serve more people, within India and globally than ever before. As technology permeates the way we do business and lead our lives, tech policy is gaining global momentum.  This is a brave new world, and risks and challenges such as algorithmic bias, lack of privacy, digital exclusion, cybercrime, misinformation, and online hate speech, have emerged. Unless contained, these issues can unhinge all the benefits of technology.

The fascinating new field of Tech Policy is full of opportunities for young professionals to make an impact. The International Innovation Corps and Omidyar Network India brought together industry leaders in the field of Tech Policy for an online Panel Discussion on “Career Opportunities for Young Professionals in Tech Policy”. The interactive expert panel with leading thinkers and experts from this field talked about the current and future trends in the space and some very interesting and lucrative career opportunities on the horizon.

The webinar was hosted on May 22, 2020 at 6:00 PM Indian Standard Time