Empirical Inquiries into the Indian Judicial System

Time TBA
UChicago Center in Delhi


The Center will be hosting a day long seminar which is part of an ongoing research funded by the University of Chicago on empirical analyses of the Indian Supreme Court. This research is being conducted by Aparna Chandra (National Law University, Delhi), Sital Kalantry (Cornell Law School) and William Hubbard (U.Chicago Law School). It involves analysis of reported judgments delivered by the Court between 2010 and 2015. The authors are in the process of writing up their findings in a series of papers.

As part of this project, the seminar aims to enable a conversation amongst those who are engaged in empirical analyses of the Indian judicial system. Additionally the seminar hopes to provide a space for discussion about the methods, limitations, difficulties and findings that emerge from empirical studies of the Indian Judicial System, as well as the scope for future research and collaborations.