Electron Microscopy Workshop

All day
Center in Delhi



The workshop was a pre-meeting educational event held at the University of Chicago Delhi Center in conjunction with the 35th Annual meeting of the Electron Microscopy Society of India (EMSI), which was held at the University of Delhi (July 9-11, 2014). This workshop consisted of a day long series of lectures by senior scientists/educators who reviewed the basic instrumentation, operating modes, ancillary equipment and applications of today's state-of-the-art instruments used for nanomaterials characterization. The lectures discussed the basics of imaging (CTEM, STEM, HREM, ARM), diffraction (SAED, CBED), and microanalysis techniques (AEM, XEDS, EELS,EFTEM) which are used to conduct materials characterization from the sub-millimeter to the sub-nanometer scales.

This workshop served as an introduction for students and novices as well as a refresher for those who were returning to the field. Importantly, it was held in coordination with the EMSI-2014 meeting which brought together the research community of India and a number of internationally recognized scientists to discuss their latest work using microscopy applied to both the physical and life sciences.


The workshop also served as an outreach mechanism to engage the rapidly growing nanoscience research initiatives in India and connect them with the University of Chicago/Argonne National Laboratory efforts. Its purpose was to foster student education in advanced technology as well as to develop and facilitate communication of opportunities and collaborations with researchers and the University of Chicago via the Delhi Center. It was attended by more than 80 students from across India.

Organizer: Nestor Zaluzec (Argonne National Laboratories)