ECHO Orientation & Immersion Session

Through July 5, 2019
UChicago Center in Delhi

Jul. 4

In large-scale social programs, the burden of policy execution falls on the “first-mile workers”, who are usually community members with limited experience. The scarcity of the experts (individual or from organizations), as well as of other resources, make frequent trainer-trainee interactions prohibitive. Post-training handholding or mentoring support for trainees leaves a substantial gap to instil confidence among the trainees. A major focus of our organization has been to explore means of plugging the post-training mentoring gap. An initiative by ECHO India, where this trainer-trainee gap has been successfully bridged through a process of guided mentoring, caught our interest.

International Innovation Corps (IIC) participated in an ECHO “orientation and immersion session” to ascertain its feasibility in the water sector. While IIC is optimistic that the model will indeed be suited to our needs, they would like to conduct a similar session to increase understanding of its scope and working. 

Hence, Araghyam an International Innovation Corps(IIC) partner in collaboration with ECHO India has agreed to hold a two-day session specifically for the water sector partners.  Around 100 participants comprising CSOs, Govt officials, funding organizations etc. are expected to participate at this session. 

This event is by invitation only.