David Friedman on Law Without the State

5:00–7:00 pm
UChicago Center in Delhi


The Centre for Civil Society, in collaboration with South Asia Students for Liberty, hosted a public lecture on 'Law without the State' by David Friedman (PhD'71) on 22 June 2015 at the UChicago Center in Delhi, DLF Capitol Point, Baba Kharak Singh Marg, Connaught Place, New Delhi. Making the case for anarcho-capitalism over government monopoly over law, Friedman discussed how private sources can produce more efficient laws than governments.

David Friedman is an economist, physicist, legal scholar, and libertarian theorist. He is known for his writings in market voluntaryist theory, which is the subject of his most popular book, The Machinery of Freedom (1973, revised 1989). He has authored several other books and articles, including Price Theory: An Intermediate Text (1986), Law’s Order: What Economics Has to Do with Law and Why It Matters (2000), Hidden Order: The Economics of Everyday Life (1996), and Future Imperfect (2008).  Friedman graduated from Harvard University in 1965, with a bachelor's degree in chemistry and physics.  He later earned a master's (1967) and a Ph.D. (1971) in theoretical physics from the University of Chicago.  He is currently a professor of law at Santa Clara University.

An audio podcast of the talk is available here.