Breast and World Lymphedema Surgery Symposium

Through April 24, 2021
Virtual symposium

Apr. 22

The Chicago Breast & World Lymphedema Symposium will identify, discuss, and demonstrate complex breast reconstruction and lymphedema therapies within the framework of creating and maintaining multidisciplinary relationships. The standard of care for breast cancer and for lymphedema span multiple disciplines, including surgical oncology, plastic surgery, medical and radiation oncology, breast radiology, as well as rehabilitation. Outcomes are optimized for patients when multidisciplinary care is well-coordinated. Symposium faculty will illustrate concrete examples of successful patient care through coordinated intervention by detailing individual procedures and analyzing steps in patient care. Faculty will also discuss techniques and challenges encountered in various surgical procedures. Following the symposium, participants will be able to differentiate when to use various breast reconstruction and lymphedema procedures as well as how to facilitate new relationships across disciplines and professions to promote improved patient outcome.

Join this virtual symposium hosted by UChicago Medicine

Date: April 22 - 24, 2021
Time: 6:00 PM IST/7:30 AM CDT 

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