Anubhav Lecture Series: Logical Problem Solvind

10:00 am–5:30 pm
UChicgo Center in Delhi


Speaker of the session: Mr. James Abraham, Founder Director at SolarArise and Former Senior Partner and MD, Boston Consulting Group India

The objective of this session is to help the participants become effective problem solvers and explore the questions they need to ask before deciding to solve a problem. Once they have identified a problem that they seek to solve, what are the frameworks that they can follow and the questions that they need to ask to be able to solve this problem effectively and accurately. How should one transform their diagnosis of a problem into a real-life intervention that solves it? How should one ensure that the solution is informed by all existing knowledge on the subject? And finally, how can one make their solutions disruptive and scalable? This session gives the participants a framework on how to flesh out their ideas through effective research and how to execute their research into fruitful action. 

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This event is only for the cohort of Anubhav Lecture Series.