An integrative platform for research on reconstruction of the past in India

Through July 11, 2019
International Institute of Archaeology and Allied Science (IIAAS) in Ranbirpur, Thiksay, Leh-Ladakh

Jul. 9

This workshop aims to serve as a multi-disciplinary platform to brainstorm ways in which social scientists and biologists can work together effectively to add new dimensions to the reconstruction of the human past in India. Integrative studies are being conducted in other parts of the world that have shed key insights into the evolution of humans and their environment (flora/fauna). India currently lacks such a concerted effort to actively bring together researchers from complementary fields such as archaeology, anthropology, and the biological sciences, in addition to governmental agencies that regulate sample access, to discuss sustainable and collaborative ways of ensuring a more holistic interpretation of our species’ past in this region. The workshop will serve as an ideal platform for researchers from these fields to get together under one roof, debate and discuss outstanding questions in the social sciences and population genetics that can gain from the application of novel scientific tools, and come away with tangible ideas and networks to initiate exciting collaborative projects.

The UChicago faculty organizer of this workshop is Prof. Maanasa Raghavan, Assistant Professor, Department of Human Genetics.The local co-organizers are Dr. Niraj Rai, Scientist, Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeosciences, Lucknow and Dr. Sonam Spalzin, Archaeological Survey of India.

This event is by invitation only.