Accelerating International Collaboration and Science Through Connective Computation

All day
Through March 11, 2015
UChicago Center in Delhi

Mar. 10

The Computation Institute has a feature story on the conference here.  More information is available here.  An agenda with schedule for the workshop is available here.

This workshop explored opportunities for accelerating international science and collaboration through shared, connective computing environments. The focus was on leveraging services and practices already in production in the global science community, with examples taken from fields such as high energy physics and genomics, and to explore possibilities for future cyber-initiatives between the U.S. and India.

Topics discussed at the workshop included the “science as a service” approach for organizing resources needed for scientific discovery, as well as the role of education and training to increase productivity of researchers from the so-called “long tail” of science, i.e. disciplines lacking expertise, organization or scale to implement or access the enabling computing resources.  

Organizers: Robert Gardner, Computation and Enrico Fermi Institutes, University of Chicago,  US, Kirti Ranjan, Department of Physics University of Delhi,  Kajari Mazumdar, Department of High Energy Physics Tata Institute of Fundamental Research Mumbai, Paul Dave and Ravi Madduri, Computation Institute, Argonne National Laboratory and University of Chicago.