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Graduate Information Hours

Through December 31, 2018
UChicago Center in Delhi

Jan. 1

Meet with us at the UChicago Delhi Center during the Graduate Information Hours, 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm from Monday to Friday, to learn more about our graduate programs and the application process. You can book an appointment here.

If you are unable to visit us at the Delhi Center, please leave your query regarding our graduate programs and the application process here.

Interdisciplinary Global Environmental Health Collaborations

Through October 30, 2018
UChicago Center in Delhi

Oct. 29

This workshop seeks to convene academics from the University of Chicago and global partners from India and Bangladesh, coming from diverse sectors of policy, economics, behavior science, climate research, and medicine, to identify and create innovative solutions to build engines for better health and a cleaner environment. Progress toward this global public health effort has been slow, and this workshop will address the lack of an interdisciplinary approach to identifying effective solutions.

4th Indian Cancer and Genetics Conference and Workshop (ICGCW)

Through December 9, 2018
ACTREC, Tata Memorial Centre Mumbai

Dec. 3

The 4th Indian Cancer and Genetics Conference and workshop (ICGCW) will cover basic, translational and clinical aspects of major hereditary cancer syndromes due to germline mutations in various genes including genes that are being increasingly reported on gene panel testing.

Life in India’s Slums

Through December 7, 2018
UChicago Center in Delhi

Dec. 6

Urbanization is an important step in India’s development: millions of people, by revealed preference, are demonstrating that they are better off in cities than in rural villages. Yet urbanization also has the potential to result people being pushed into new slums and also contribute to the worsening of living conditions in existing slums. Additionally, poor health and sanitation conditions may temper the economic benefits of growing. Now is a crucial time for academic and practitioners to develop nuanced understandings of slum conditions and collaborative proposals for interventions to help improve the social and economic conditions in India’s urban centers. The conference will focus on discussing issues related to urban poverty in India, including: rural-to-urban migration, health in slums, property rights, housing policy, and the provision of public services.

Measuring Futures: Expertise and Postcolonial Politics in Asia

Through December 11, 2018
UChicago Center in Delhi

Dec. 10

This interdisciplinary, international conference will explore the impact of postwar information sciences on the dilemmas of decolonization and development in Asia from WWII to the present. 
How did new nations (including India, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Japan) use, resist, or alter the terrain of growing postwar American techno-sciences, in fields such as economics, demography, statistics, and urban planning?  How did such sciences intersect with contentious public debates about the shape of societal futures?  How was the future imagined, measured, and co-opted, often within increasingly technical frameworks by planners, technocrats, and social movements in the later half of the 20th century?


Minimal invasive surgery is the armamentarium of 21st century surgery due to reduced morbidity hospitalizations and human capital gains. The use of robotic assistance in this field is growing due to its inherent advantages and making intricate surgery being possible. The application need to be tailored to pediatric applications with some of the tricks and tips for successful and safe application.

Fourth Pillar: 1st India Journalism Week

Time TBA
UChicago Center in Delhi

Dec. 14

Academe India and a team of University of Chicago scholars have partnered to launch “Fourth Pillar: 1st India Journalism Week.” This event seeks to affirm the place of journalism as the fourth pillar of Indian democracy, and comes at a time of growing concerns over the rigor, inclusiveness, and independence of journalism – in India as also globally. Given India’s status as the world’s largest democracy, a rigorous, inclusive journalism summit or festival or Week in New Delhi (and subsequently at other locations in India) seemed to make eminent sense.

Dec. 21

The conference aims to provide insights into the surgical aspects of laryngeal and hypopharyngeal cancer management and the recent emerging trends. 

This panel discussion will examine the bilateral relationship between India and The United States both from an historical perspective and with a look ahead to the future. The panel will discuss and debate what the past seventy years has meant for the India - US partnership and will look ahead to prospects and challenges for the future. This event will be held in association with International House at the University of Chicago, Indo - American Friendship Association, UChicago Delhi Center and India Habitat Centre.

Workshop on Disentangling Disability and Human Rights

Time TBA
UChicago Center in Delhi

Feb. 15

This workshop and conference sets out to challenge the assumption that disability in India should be understood and responded to as a rights-based category. As a (post) development state with transnational political and economic ties, India provides an ideal location to explore how global discourses are taken up, adapted, or rejected as disabled people seek to create worlds for themselves.