UChicago Crowdsourcing COVID-19 History (Yuen Campus Pilot)

COVID-19 has created an unprecedented time in history. People around the world have already directly or indirectly experienced some level of change in their lives. The impact on relationships, finances, health care, and national economies has been swift, unpredictable and devastating for families and communities.

The UChicago Crowdsourcing COVID-19 History Project (“CCHP”) seeks to document this monumental global change. Armed with mobile phones, cameras, video and sound recording technologies, the CCHP plans to mobilize UChicago alumni, current students, parents, staff, friends and the general community to crowdsource historical change.

Engage the UChicago Community to document and share their experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How We Intend to Use This Information:
Submitted material will be used to help the UChicago Community understand your experiences, feelings and reactions during COVID-19. Crowdsourced materials may be used to create a video documentary, a curated photo exhibition, or even a book to be shared at future UChicago events.

Wear your UChicago maroon to document your personal history or bring family and friends together and record yourself during this extraordinary time. 

To submit your entries, please visit UChicago Hong Kong page here