Connect with Alumni in India and South Asia

Alumni are the backbone of our South Asia UChicago community, and they support and coordinate educational, entertainment, and networking opportunities via the Alumni Club of India as well as a Chicago Booth alumni club. Be sure to check out other International clubs, learn about upcoming events and activities at Alumni & Friends, visit the Chicago Booth website, or contact the local Club representatives listed below.  If you have questions about alumni activities or ways to become more involved as a UChicago volunteer in South Asia, please contact Robina Saha, Associate Director, Global Alumni Engagement,

We encourage new and current alumni members to update their contact info on the University of Chicago Alumni and Friends website here. Please create an account on the Alumni and Friends website and subscribe to the Alumni Club newsletters.

Become an Alumni Volunteer

Please contact your local alumni club leader to find out about upcoming events and Alumni Association volunteer opportunities. Alumni club presidents will be excited to bring you into the UChicago circle in their region, whether you have just moved to the area, are a long-term resident interested in getting involved, or are passing through on business or leisure. The Alumni and Friends website also offers information about how you can help the University through mentoring, event leadership, internship assistance, and reunion planning.  You can also keep up with international activities via the official Alumni Association online event listing.  The Chicago Booth website will offer you additional resources to stay connected and find your Booth network in the area.

University Alumni Clubs:

Alumni Club of India

Navika Harshe, MPP'13, President,

Ileshaa Khatau, AB'11, Vice President, Alumni Club,

Sanya Goyal, AB’15, Program Chair,

Subha Chauhan, LLM’11, Regional Chair - Mumbai,

Chaitanya Hari Netkalappa, AB’10, Regional Chair – Bangalore,

Smita Mutt, AB'15, Regional Chair – Ranchi,

Amrita Rana, AB'12, Outreach & Communications Chair,

Ishaan Singh, AB'03,

Madhav Seth, AB'15,

Aditi Mody, AM’99, President Emeritus,

Chicago Booth (Pan-India)

S Anil Kumar, MBA'09, Chicago Booth Alumni Club of India President,

Full-Time MBA admissions coordinator

Shriya Sethi, MBA'10,

New Delhi chapter leader 

Nitin Kumar, MBA'13,

Mumbai chapter leaders

Venkat Nettimi, MBA'07,

Kartik Raja, MBA'00,

Bengaluru chapter leaders

Ravi Adiga, MBA'05,

Naina Amashi, MBA'12,

Chennai chapter leader

Kavitha Rajaram, MBA'19,

Hyderabad chapter leader

Vikram Vuppala, MBA'07,

For more information on Chicago Booth alumni activities, or to get involved with the Chicago Booth Alumni Club of India, please contact Penka Bergmann, Director, Alumni Relations, EMEA and Asia, Chicago Booth, at or +44-20-7070-2200.  To enroll in the club, please complete this registration form. 

Additional Ways to Volunteer

To become a volunteer interviewer of international College applicants for UChicago’s Alumni Schools Committee, visit the ASC website to find out more, or sign up directly to be an interviewer.

Please contact the Center in Delhi if you are interested in speaking at career panels for current students or attending a Summer Send-Off for admitted students.

Finally, the UChicago Community Online portal and directory offers news and information about local alumni clubs, events, volunteering, giving back to the University, and networking. By indicating that you reside in the region via your profile on this website, you can ensure that you receive electronic mailings from the Alumni Association that are specific to your current location. Some events at the Center, in addition to alumni events across South Asia and the world, are advertised mainly via these electronic mailings.