About Us

Welcome to the Center in Delhi

The University of Chicago Center in Delhi provides a base for research, teaching and dialogue among scholars from the University, across India and around the world. It builds on a rich history of intellectual collaboration between Chicago and India.

The Center is designed to serve scholars at all levels, and across all disciplines. It serves as a working space for Chicago faculty and students, a gathering place for alumni, and a nucleus for rekindling old relationships and forging of new ones. It will also provide opportunities for interaction with the University’s Hyde Park campus, its centers in Beijing and Paris, Chicago Booth campuses in London and Hong Kong, and other programs and facilities around the world.

India is a growing force in geopolitics and global markets. Like its sister city of Chicago, Delhi is a national and global crossroads. Delhi’s concentration of academic, scientific, government, and cultural institutions, as well as its thriving business and professional communities, makes it an ideal location for the University’s growing engagement with scholars and institutions around the globe.

Programming at the center is focused on three core areas: Science, Energy, Medicine, and Public Health; Business, Economics, and Policy; and Culture, Society, Law, and the Arts. Through academic and public programs, and outreach and collaboration, scholars use the Center to address scientific, political, social, and cultural issues that are important to India and the world.

UChicago Center in Delhi also facilitates activities of Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago (EPIC India), Harris School of Public PolicyInternational Innovation Corps (IIC), and Tata Centre for Development

Located near Connaught Place, a vibrant district in central New Delhi, the 17,000 square foot center provides space for seminars and conferences, as well as faculty offices and study areas.

The opening of the center was recommended in 2010 by an ad hoc faculty committee. The committee report outlines the vision and intended mission of the center and provides more details on the planning process.