The Institute of Politics Fellows Program

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The Institute of Politics Fellows Program presents a unique opportunity for leading political practitioners (e.g. former elected officials, campaign strategists, journalists, and policy makers) to be in residence at the University of Chicago during an academic quarter. These accomplished practitioners will draw on their first-hand experiences, research and professional networks to give insightful and unique perspective on politics and policy in action.

The core of the fellowship program is teaching a self-designed eight week seminar series. The seminars meet weekly, for 75 minutes. There are no readings, no assignments. These are non-credit seminars that are meant to bring the real world to the classroom.

This link takes you to the seminar outlines of our current fellows. This link takes you to our application page.
Beyond the seminar, fellows engage with students in a variety of ways, come to a two-day orientation and participate in several fellows activities during the quarter (faculty lunches, meetings with faculty, social events). We encourage fellows to audit a class or engage with the university in as many ways as they possibly can.

Applications for Fall 2017 are due May 1, 2017. Applications for Spring 2018 will be due Nov. 1, 2017.