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Sensor network to map and predict pollution, effluents in Godavari

Professor Anup Malani from the University of Chicago Law School is working on a sensor network to map and predict pollution, effluents in Godavari. The project started eight months ago and has so far identified two "hubspots" of pollution. Through cloud-based data collection and real-time mapping, the University of Chicago research team intend to demonstrate importance and value of detecting pollutants that enter the river in the form of human waste, organic materials and chemical contaminants. 
July 12, 2017

Professor Trevor Price talks about the Himalayan Bird Crisis

Biology Professor, Trevor Price from University of Chicago speaks about the Himalayan Bird Crisis and its impact on environment
May 12, 2017

Collaboration with the Government of Odisha on Research, Knowledge Sharing and Capacity Building

The Odisha Government on Monday signed a statement of interest (SOI) with University of Chicago and its charitable trust in India to collaborate in fields of research, knowledge and capacity building. This collaboration will help in setting up a virtual academy in the state, research for improving energy efficiency and pollution control, health and sanitation sectors and also assist in capacity building of personnel and institutes.
April 4, 2017